Dealing with depression is hard. This book can help.

We’ve been there too. Let us guide you through the abyss with honest conversations and the latest research.

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“I’ve struggled with depression throughout my life. This book gave me a new perspective on it and valuable insights that I can put to use every day.”

-Carlos G

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“I just loved the honest and real approach of this book. It says: ‘depression is really difficult, but it’s also defeatable.’ Then, it gives you the tools to deal with it.”

-Lauren M

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“This book is an eye-opener. It offers a new way of looking at depression. More importantly, it’s helped me better keep my own depression at bay since I read it.”

-Xander R

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Offering a beacon of hope

10% of Americans struggle with depression in any given year, and more than 20% will at some point in their lives. Yet, despite accelerating rates of anti-depressant use, the numbers associated with this dreaded condition still aren’t decreasing. How is that possible?

The answer lies in the fact that depression is a complex and multifaceted disease. That means the influences on it are many, and they come from not only the biological realm but also the psychological and social ones. Until we center treatment around all three of those sources, it’s unlikely the numbers will magically reverse themselves.

But that’s why author Brian Sachetta wrote this book. He felt he couldn’t sit idly by and watch the case counts continue to rise; he knew he had helpful stories and insights to share with those suffering in silence.

Thus, “Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2: Navigating the Abyss of Depression is an attempt to restart and reset the conversation on this harrowing affliction. It’s an open invitation, a lifeline to anyone struggling. It says, “Come with me on this difficult journey, and, together, we’ll figure out how to rise above the tides once more.”

If you’ve dealt with depression yourself, you won’t want to miss it. It’s a much-needed beacon of hope.


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Brian is an author, software developer, and consultant from Boston, MA.

His writings center around mental health, through which he highlights his experiences with anxiety and depression to help improve the lives of sufferers worldwide.

His first book, “Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety,” was released in 2018.


Not every tool or strategy works for every single person. That makes this question a tricky one to answer. That said, we believe there’s at least a little bit here for anyone familiar with depression.

Since the book covers the biological, psychological, and social influences on this dreaded disease, its methods and ideas are broad enough to appeal to a wide audience yet specific enough to make a legitimate impact.

Nevertheless, if we did have to take a swing at specifics, we’d say that men in the 18-35 age group will benefit the most from this one.

“Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2” is a layperson’s guide to managing depression. It combines the latest research with personal stories to help readers find solidarity in what they’re going through. Though scientific when it needs to be, it’s not bogged down by technical jargon — it’s meant to feel more like a conversation with a close friend than a physician.

This book is a sequel only in the loosest sense of the word; it’s the second entry in the “Get Out of Your Head” series — a set of works focused on helping readers overcome various mental illnesses.

The first installment in the series tackled anxiety, while this one delves into depression. And while there are certainly some overlapping themes or concepts between the works, each concept is presented in a way that’s approachable for both new and returning readers.

Brian Sachetta is not a doctor. In fact, he’s a software engineer by trade. He merely wrote this book because he felt he had some relatable stories and insights to share with readers — ones that might help them on their mental health journeys.

Brian looks at the psychological difficulties others are facing and sees himself and his own struggles. That’s why he’s so eager to help his readers and followers — he knows how impactful some of the things he’s learned have been for him, and he wants to pass them on to those who could benefit.

Brian acknowledges that his books and blogs are not meant to replace the support provided by professionals, and he urges readers to seek medical help when they need it.

The book is available on Amazon in digital and print forms. It’s also available as an eBook through Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Kobo. We will be adding an audiobook version in 2022 as well.


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